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Battery doesn't connected and turn off after about one minute?

My iphone 4s got serious water damage.

I've replaced the battery and connector dock after washed it out with isopropyl 99%.

It can turns on but then stopped and then rebooted automatically.

I have tried to figure it out, and I realized that It has same problem even without the battery. and every other parts have no problem.

What should I do for now?

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Great job on skipping the rice and taking care of your water damage properly.

This problem is going to be a disconnect between the battery middle pins--temp and gas gauge lines. The board can't talk to the battery so it is shutting off. Sometimes this is battery, but most likely you have corrosion/damage to the tiny components near the battery connector, or the battery connector itself.

Repairable with micro soldering.

Show us a bright picture of your board


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Thank you so much jessa,

Please have a look this image, I tried to get a better image, looks like it's the best.

I've washed it out every corrosion I can see.

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