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BLACK SCREEN ISSUES, will not hard boot

I have an iphone 5c, black screen issues, tried to hard boot, will not restart, vibrate works, seri works, will not power off. any suggestions?

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You mean the phone acts normal except that it does not show anything on the screen? If you connect it to your computer, is it detected by iTunes but without you seeing anything on the screen?

If this is the case, then you probably have a bad display that needs replacing.

If your iPhone is still covered by warranty and has not been opened up before, and doesn't look like it has physical damage, take it to an Apple Store.

If your iPhone is out of warranty, follow this guide to get to the connectors (steps 11 & 12), and clean them with a cotton swab dipped in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol, then try to re-seat them (gently and firmly).

If you still don't see an image, you need to try a known good display, as your display may need replacement.

If all the above don't work, you may have an issue on the logic board that prevents the iPhone from producing an image (or backlight). Let me know if that is the case and I can point you to the next possible step.

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Hi Daniel,

It is better that you move this to a question. You will get better exposure and support for your inquiry.

So your phone doesn't show an image/or backlight AND touch is not working?

Are you sure it is a drop, not liquid damage?

Back light, image, and touch are 3 different functions with somewhat different "circuits" on the board. They may both be damaged, but more often it is just one of the 2. I'd start with the following:

- There are 3 screen connectors on the board. Clean them with a cotton swab dipped in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Then try reseating your screen and re-booting your iPhone (press & hold home + power buttons for ~12 seconds straight then restart your phone).

- If no change, remove the black film (very carefully) around those connectors on the board and look under a magnifying glass for missing/broken/part removed components.

- If you see nothing wrong, try a KNOWN GOOD display, something that you know for sure works on a different device. OR transfer your logic board to a known good phone. Let us know what you find out at this point.

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Hi Rany. thanks for a quick reply. It WORKS :D If there was some liquid residue i could not see it but simple cleaning as you instructed Makes it work again. Thank you x1000.

Unfortunately this phone is driving me crazy - it is now constantly searching for network. i am locked on vodafone and it connected for maybe 5 minutes but then dropped to searching. All fun and games :)

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Again Daniel, regarding your weak signal, you can try to rule out the simple things first. You need to re-seat the bottom antenna cable (like you did the screen cables before). And you need to check that the antenna is not physically damaged. Look at this guide. Do steps 16 to 18. Disconnect the battery connector (don't remove the battery itself) AND the round black cable with a copper head attached right next to it. Use only a plastic tool. Be EXTRA careful not to pry anything from the board when disconnecting those 2 cable. Below it, as seen in Step 35 of the guide, there are the loud speaker and attached on top of it the flat antenna cable. Check that there are no missing screws down there, and that the antenna is not torn. Then re-attach the round black cable and the battery. Restart your phone, test the signal. Let me know if by chance this helped.

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Also, Daniel one more thing you can try: clean you SIM cards's connectors with isopropyl alcohol or an eraser. And/Or try a different SIM on your phone or your SIM on a different phone. Sometimes they go bad and need to be replaced.

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Hi. You are a star. It was the antenna. I tried a new one (just plugged the antenna bit without changing the whole usb connector - it worked within seconds). You are extremely helpful but i must be the clumsies man alive. I must have damaged something because the screen is now checkboard pattern and no touch. I read that is probably the touchscreen connector and i can see that the 'bottom end'of it is broken. Well i think I've done it this time.

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