Acer entered the world of laptop computers in 1997 when it purchased Texas Instruments' mobile PC division.

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Why do I keep losing internet connection?

I keep losing internet at random and have to restart to get it back.

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i can tell you these steps and this may help -

check the latest driver for wireless card and make sure its updated

remove the check box from power management that can turn of the power of wireless card . and see if that works for more visit acer and i am sure this will help to get your system work fine again . thanks

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Hi Rowdy,

Could you give us some more information please?

What do you mean with losing internet and having to restart, does it drop the signal making you have to reconnect to it or does it completely dissapear saying there is no adapter/connection available?

Also, what type of laptop do you have? (Model nr)

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its an acer aspire. i would get diagnostic policy service not running and i tried to restart it and it will work for a little while then i lose internet connection right in the middle of watching video or surfing google,but still have full strength on my wifi. just keeps saying waiting for google or whatever site im on.

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* Try this:

Go to start.

Type in search: CMD

Rightclick the CMD.exe comming up, and execute it as administrator.

Type the following:

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice Press enter and type the following:

net localgroup Administrators /add localservice Press enter and type the following:


Press enter and restart your laptop.

If this does not fix it let me know and we can try some other tweaks. If it does solve your problem please accept the answer so others with the same problem are helped out aswell.

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i tried that before and didnt work for me. i suspect it may be my internet explorer and have since downloaded chrome and havent had the issue since. if i continue to have the problem ill let you know. thank you for your help!

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The angle of the display affected my WiFi connection. At 90 degrees WiFi was fast but if I pushed the screen all the way to 110 degrees (fully open) WiFi was extremely slow. I think it affected the connection to an antenna in the screen.

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i have an Acer Aspire R13, it keep dropping Wifi connection. have to restart and wait few minutes before getting connection. when i get to a different hot spot i have to restart before getting connection.

the less modern old laptop i have are all connecting nicely on the same hotspots and home wifi

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My internet connection goes for 20 seconds every 3-4 minutes

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