Problem with black screen after changing PSU and LCD

Hi everybody,

To start, excuse me for my English (I'm french). I will try to speak the best I can!

I have a iMac A1224, I got it as a gift, it doesn't starts normaly.

At first, I changed the PSU which was dead, with one I got on eBay, all OK ...

After that, I have just the LED's 1, 2 and 3 that are lighting up, the number 4 ever does (stays black).

I read on the internet that it could be a problem with the LCD, I bought a new one too and put it this morning, but, it is the same for the LEDs and the iMac still won't start ...

I have no fan too ... but when I start the iMac, the DVD starts and the hard drive too. but nothing more ... no sound too ...

Can you help me please to resolve that problem?

Thanks a lot


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