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Dropped iPhone - No image, no vibrate


So I dropped my iPhone and when I picked it up the screen was black (though the backlight was on). The vibration button was not working, but the phone was definitely on. I tried all types of resets. Nothing worked.

When I plug in iPhone to my Mac, iTunes sees it. I tried to restore iPhone, that's when vibration once worked. But still the screen is not working.

I disassembled the screen and put it back together - still only backlight sometimes.

What do I do next? What can be wrong?

Thanx in advance, I'm both scared and fascinated :D

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Hello i'm having the same issue, the phone fell to the ground and won't turn on anymore.

iTunes recognizes the device, but black screen won't let me unlock it.

Furthermore, when i plug it to the wall charger(with phone turned off), vibration seems to be struck on loop. It pulses with same timing, same distance between vibrations, till is plugged in. When disconnected it stops.

I'm afraid it a logic board problem, but before investing 160$+ in a brand new one, i would like to be sure of that. Many thanks in advance, and good fixes :P

EDIT: im using this discussion as reference: Black screen, keeps vibrating w/ power cable

i will try it!

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Try a new screen to rule out a defective one.

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