How to Solder replacement headphone jack?

Hi I have an iPod touch 2nd gen in which the audio is coming out of one side only. I found an oem replacement part on ebay for only $4 but replacing this would require soldering. So anyone know how to do this. I looked at the part and there is a ribbon cable on top of the five or so contacts that need to be soldered making it hard to approach.


so can anyone post a guide on how to do it Ive soldered on the spring that is attached to the logic board for the home button so soldering itself is not a problem. Just not sure what exactly to solder for the audio jack.

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since the headphone jack is a mechanical part - ic could normally be fixed without replacing - but if you don't have any clue of those things - let it be!

i don't know what nick is trying to say with his answer - surely it't no real "component level repair" - the part is way to large for that category. but if you don't know how to use a soldering iron - find someone who is able to do that.

i think the mentioned microsolder is a "special product" - there are many smd soldering tip's - but changing the headphone jack doesn't require those tiny "needle" tip's - a regular small soldering tip is good enough.

but i would first check the headphone jack for dirt or something like that - it's not normal that those parts are getting mechanically damaged (mostly they die when you try to remove the logicboard - but with normal usage - you can't tear it of the logic board)

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I hope that you have checked your headphones as well - mating connector on your headphones could be damaged. If you have to replace jack on your ipod , there is useful quide about how to solder with soldering iron at:

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Hi All,

If the plug is broken that is tough to replace. The circuit boards are sensitive to heat from most soldering irons.

One trick I can recommend to make it less prone to damage in the first place is adding a right angle jack and then plugging your headphones or other device jack into the right angle connector (Radio Shack/The Source P/N: 274-372).

Good luck... RM

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