Replacing optical drive, tore the connecting cable


I am in the process of replacing an optical drive (dvd drive) in my imac. In the process of taking the drive out, I tore the connecting cable. This is the cable in step 16 of your instructions.

I need a replacement cable and don't see it listed. Also, How, do I connect the other end?

It runs under the main board. I started to remove the board it runs under, but I gave up on that as it looks like I'll have to take out *everything* to get to the other end. I need advice how to proceed.

Also the replacement optical drive has a different pin configuration. The new drive, a Sony Optiarc, model AD-5680H has 2 sets of connectors: one with 8 pins and one with 6.

The replacement cable would need to be of the same pin configuration or I'll need to purchase the adapter for it also.

Thanks for your help,


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