Fried RC Brushless Motor and ESC

I was running my Traxxas Slash in high temps and suddenly my motor cut out. It would no longer respond to the throttle normally. At full throttle, the car would crawl/shuffle with a clicking sound. Didn't sound good so I didn't keep doing it.

Motor: Velineon 3500 brushless


I think I have either:

a) fried the motor

b) fried the ESC

c) fried both

How can I troubleshoot which parts might still be repairable?

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If you didn't have an ESC Fan in hot temps then I recommend u get one. otherwise ur gonna fry ur esc in hot temps doing a few runs. especially if ur running on a 3s lip battery. it might also be something in ur gearbox. open it up and see if and spur or pinion is stripped/missing teeth.

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