iPhone 4 display randomly turns on in standby

Iphone 4 display randomly turns on in standby

Hi guys-i need expert help here!!

I have an iphone 4-16 gsm unlocked where everything works normal except for that the display turns on a few sec randomly in standby mode. This drains the battery of course.

I have tried switching only the motherboard into another iphone 4, thinking it may be a dock-connector issue since this problem does not happen if the iphone is charging or in a docking station, but same thing happens, so therefore concluding its a motherboard issue or a software issue. But i have also done several restores/factory resets and setting it up as an empty new iphone with newest ios 7.1.2, but same result.

I cant see any possible water damage on the motherboard.

Please anyone, let me know if you have ever heard about this problem, or better, if you know of a possible solution to it.

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