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suddenly mode not supported 50" plasma samsung

hi,i got a problem. ive played my Ps4 now for about a year on my Samsung tv without problems. Yesterday i started the ps4 and tv up and everything worked fine when suddenly,i lost video signal "mode not supported"? Every other HDMI device ive got works fine in the same port on the tv (only got one) and the ps4 works with the same cable on my other tv? Tried all tricks i got,changing cables,turning them,reset tv,hard reset tv,reset ps4,changing resolution on ps4..The screen flickers one time as it wants to start. When i start the ps4 the tv goes from "No signal" till "mode not supported" and if i unplugg the HDMI cable it says "signal lost" so the tv must know something is plugged into it? Please help!

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I see almost one year later nobody answered your question. I have the same issue. I unplug over and over again until it works again. I do hope a solution has been found but, I am not aware of one.

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I expect that fjant has left the building by now, but in case anyone else has this annoying problem the steps to try and fix it are as follows:

1) Make sure the HDMI cables aren't faulty (which you seem to have done already).

2) Switch everything off and back on again - this has been known to clear problems of many varieties, in cases where electronics have gone into hysteresis and fail to respond.

3) Make sure that the display drivers are up to date. If this problem should happen on a PC (which it does, as was the case with my own recently), this is done via the Device Management console. You can reach this via Control Panel, or by typing devmgmt.msc at the command line.

4) If the above step does not work then try manually downloading updated drivers from the website of the video card's manufacturer.

5) If none of the above works then it could be that the HDMI port has a problem, which for most users will need to be fixed by an IT specialist or by returning the equipment to the manufacturer or the shop where it was purchased. If under warranty then check the small-print for information regarding returns.

I hope that some of the above helps someone with this niggling anomaly. Although HDMI is supposed to be a standardised video / audio medium, compatibility is not always guaranteed and it could be that two devices simply don't bond with other, electronically speaking.

Good luck.

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I'm having the same problem, but with a PC instead of a PS4.

I have a 40in 4k Samsung TV, and it seems that only two input resolutions from my computer are supported:

  • FHD ( 1080p ) - yes
  • QHD ( 1440p ) - no
  • QHD+ ( 1800p ) - no
  • 4k UHD ( 2160p ) - yes

This is a problem that even 2016/17 model Samsung TV's seem to have which is a disadvantage especially for people who want to use their tv as a PC gaming screen, running games at high quality graphics even if we can't afford a 4k capable $500+ graphics card !.

Please Samsung, work to release firmware and add some support for these two resolutions !!

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