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iPhone 5s, heating up, not charging along with other problems!

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I've always read other guides on here, but I thought I should make an account because I really need help!

Basically, I bought a second hand iPhone 5s, everything worked apart from the housing was fairly scuffed up. So I ordered a blue metal allot housing replacement from China which cost me £30.

I work with phones every week and do screen repairs for friends and family, so I know a little bit about what I do. But anyway, I sat down for around 6 hours making sure I did everything correctly with the housing replacement.

Once I completed it, plugged it in, let it charge and it only charged to around 4%, and got incredibly hot when charging or on. By hot i mean burn your hand if you hold it for too long.

Obviously this wasn't right, and at first I thought it was the battery which might've caused the problem, as I did have suspicions I might have removed it incorrectly. So I ordered a new one and paid a little bit more than I usually would to try and ensure I got a good quality one.

I replaced the battery and the same problem persisted. I read up in a few places about the rear camera possibly causing it to heat up, so I removed it and it did nothing. Eventually, I decided to move everything back into the original casing.

Now, when I powered it up, I allowed it to charge, the phone didnt heat up as much as it did, but still a considerate amount, but this time it got to 55% charge and i removed it. This was great and I thought I fixed it. But, I inserted my sim card and within minuted the mainboard heated up again. And this time all around the sim card reader and in both EMI shield areas.

This was incredibly worrying and now the phone won't charge very fast, it's battery life is dropping extremely fast, and the phone gets hot when charging or when its on, and gets roasting with a sim inserted?

Im sure it didn't have any water damage and I'm totally stuck. Its second hand so I can't take it to Apple Care, and I'm very low on cash so can't buy a replacement. I am considering sending it to for a free diagnostics checkup and see if they find anything, but I have no idea. Please could somebody help me, because I am desperate.

Thank you,


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Having someone check it up for you is a great idea. You'll know better about the magnitude of the problem and weigh in the possibility or repairing or outsourcing that repair. This is assuming that the examining party give you an honest evaluation. Please note that I am not implying that mendmyi would not.

And then you could start by using good magnification (at least 10x, but 20x or more being better) to examine the board and look for missing/broken/damaged components or even traces of liquid damage. Be especially thorough around the battery connector.

Let us know if you see something suspicious and post a picture if possible.

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I took a look around the battery connector and noticed one of the little components, is black, and I was sure I saw a small spark when powering on the phone, but convinced myself I didnt. Could this be the problem for it heating up?

Thanks for your help so far!

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Sorry for the awful quality, in the photo I've tried to magnify it and show you what I mean. There are a row of small componenets, 1 of them being black. Here is the photo attached :

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The photo is useless. As for this component itself, it is usually not so critical in charging that it would stop the phone from charging. However, you say you saw a spark. Why? Did you pry at something using your screwdriver? Where did you see that spark exactly? I believe you could have shorted something and you'll need a multimeter with fine needles, a minimal knowledge in electronics, and the schematics of that iPhone to be able to locate the burnt and possibly shorted components that are causing this issue. If you lack all of those, I'd say take it to someone who can to avoid causing further damage. If you're in the US, visit jessabethany's profile on the iFixit website. If not, where are you located?

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Rany, im in England in the Bedfordshire area

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Well if you're out of moves (and we can't help you at this point since we don't have the physical phone to examine it), you can definitely send it to mendmyi for a free diagnosis and a cost estimate, so that you decide if it is worth it to have it repaired.

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Heat = a short. You need to figure out what is causing the short. You've done a lot of monkeying around with this phone, and part of your story sounds case-related.

Take the board out and start the board outside of the housing. battery, dock, and screen only. Insert charge cable to start the phone. If it boots, then insert SIM out of the frame.

If you feel any heat more than gently warm, then you have a board-level short.

Look for visible damage, if you find any repair it. If you don't, then it is probably not worth it to pursue repairing the phone since it is beyond DIY to do component level replacement on the board, and it will cost less to buy a new board than to find someone willing to do open ended troubleshooting on an iPhone board.

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I have tried bt i still have the same problems

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