Why won't my G5 boot up?

My g5 is diplaying a fuzzy screen on start up,indicating a video card issue.

The circle starts then stops and then the screen is fine afterwards,but the circle doesn't continue to run.The mac store near me says this might be a logicboard problem.Does this sound like something anybody has encountered before?

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THNKS for the responce.

The machine is now in some trusted hands at a computer repair shop.I did manage to take off the back and get a look at it last night before bringing it into mac,and seeing the difference of a good cap and a bad cap curtousey of josh's picture,and i can say with little expierience that do have one if not more faulty caps.

I should hear back in a day or so from my (P.C)repair guy(L..O..L).


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Hey guys I found out that there was a bad cap under the power supply (it is now fixed)but still not going pass the grey screen with apple logo. What more can i do?

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Did you replace all the caps? If not: do it. If yes maybe mayers suggestion with the solder reflow will do the trick. Also do a clean install, maybe theres a software problem too.

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There are three screws on the bottom of the frame. Unscrew those, they will not come out all the way. Remove the frame and inspect the 24 capacitors for bulging and/or corrosion. There was also a GPU problem on this one. The solder joint failed as the machine heated up and this can sometimes be repaired with a solder reflow. Take a look and let us know what you find.

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Yep- sounds like the infamous bad capacitors. The iMac G5 suffered from the round of bad capacitors on the motherboard and power supply. To repair it yourself, you'll need to be good with a soldering iron, or find a friend who is.

Additionally, you can try to get Apple to repair it. Some people have had success that way- but it's kind of a hit and miss.

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