The Kyocera Event is and Android based phone for Virgin Mobile. Released February 2013.

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What do I do if my Kyocera Event keeps restarting?

Every time the phone is in use it will power down and return to the start up screen.

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If u take battery out an put it back in an plug a charger to it the battery comes up an ehen u turn it on it restarts its self over an over

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Mind is a kYo c6725 an its not fixed yet I been at it for 45 MIN

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My Kyocera c6745 goes off an comes back on when I go to my dial pad

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Just wait until the battery dies

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Soft Refresh

This resets your phone without resetting any of your data.

First, hold the power button. Then, tap “ok” to turn off the phone. Next, remove the battery from the phone for about 30 seconds. Finally, pop the battery back in and turn the phone on.

Clearing Application Cache

Clearing the Cache deletes unnecessary temporary data files that take up valuable space on your device. These temporary data files may cause performance issues if they take up too much space.

Go to settings on your phone. Next tap the “Apps” section, then “All.” They, tap the desired app, and tap “clear cache.” Repeat this for all apps, especially the ones that may take up more memory.

Low Storage

Most phones eventually run out of storage which causes many issues.

Uninstall any unused apps, don’t worry, you can reinstall them later if needed.

Next move any applications to the SD card, provided you have one. First go to “settings”, then tap on the “Apps” section. Tap on the desired app, and select “Move to SD card.”

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QUESTION-What do I do if my Kyocera Event keeps restarting?

ANSWER- hold the POWER BOTTON AND PRESS THE DOWN VOLUME BOTTON for about 3 MINS and then this will RESET you phone PRESS clear cache.” SERVAL TIMES FOR THIS TO WORK.


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It worked om Dura Force Pro.

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Did you lose anything?

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