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Where is Toshiba Satellite S55 A5295 Inform

I cannot find my laptop name Toshiba Satellite s55 A5295 on list I look for ... do they have more information Ifixit for it ? if have inform for it , hit me

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This laptop is on the Toshiba Official Web site. Model number is PSKJJU-018009. Avalable at the Toshiba web site are User manuals, Detailed Specs and current downloadable drivers (most recent are 09/2016)

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What information are you looking for?

Have you looked at http://support.toshiba.com/support/home?

Your Model/Part number is PSKJJU-018009, it will be needed for the support form.

There are Manuals, a pretty good Knowledge base, and Drivers (current is 09/2016).

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