Vita doesn't power on or charge, no lights

I recently purchased a vita from a bin of broken systems at a local game store. It was only $15. I've had it on my working vita's charger all day, but the PS button doesn't light up at all. No orange or blue lights. I've tried the various button combinations and I can't get it to boot up. It appears dead.

Is this likely a battery issue? Or is this a sign of some other component failing? I can order a new battery off of ebay. I'm not sure I want to take apart my working vita to test the battery.

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Do you see any sort of power indicator that will tell you if the PS Vita is charging at all? I own a PS Vita myself and there is a orange light that turns on when charging. Does that appear at all?

It is used, from a broken bin a local store. There are no indications that it is charging. There are no lights on it what so ever, orange or blue.

I picked it us because it was in very good physical condition and only $15. If no one has any other suggestions, I could swap out the battery from my working vita. I'm not thrilled with taking it apart, but there don't appear many options. Is its completely dead appearance a sign that something other than the battery is broken?

It's hard to tell if your charging port is bad or if the battery is bad. Since you aren't getting any power indicator while charging, I have a feeling the port itself is busted, so even if you swap your battery, you may not be able to charge the battery.

How comfortable are you with taking apart your Vita to see how the charging port looks?

I could probably try. The charging connector on the bottom of my vita looks fine. The system itself is in excellent shape. If there is damage on the internal connector parts, would it look like discoloration or burnt areas? If the connector parts are damaged, is that a part you can replace or it part of the Vita's motherboard?

If the charging parts aren't broken, I'll try swapping the batteries. I was watching a tear down video of a vita and noticed something. The battery is housed in the black part of the vita that houses the rear touch screen. Can I swap batteries by just swapping that back half of the vita? Both my working vita and the broken one are pch-1101 models.

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