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Replaced the standard drive in a fusion set up:

I asked this question last september and wondered if there are any new solutions.

Swapped a drives in a fusion set up

My iMac is set up using a SSD drive and a HD as a fusion drive set up.

I had a 1 TB HD Drive in my iMac. Part of diagnosing a problem I bought a new 2TB HD and put that in my iMac. It was an easy fix, it automatically fixed it to the new fusion set up. My question is I bought an enclosure for my older 1 TB HD and I can't see to erase it. When you hook it up it wants to "fix" it to link it to my system. I just want to erase it so I can use it as back up storage. Thank You for any help.

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You could try connecting the drive to a Windows system and then reformatting it for windows and use it on that system.

If you want to use it again on your iMac after formatting under windows it may still try to fuse with your current Fusion drive.

I've only replaced a HD after breaking the fusion drive first before switching out the drive.

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