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Why did my murray lawn mower shut dowm

i was mowing the lawn and hit a patch of tall grass---it sounded as if it was going to shut off and it did--it has shut in the past if i try to mow grass thats too high, but this time it wont restart-- it could be my oil is low--not sure that matters--any help---

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Check to see if the tall grass has impacted in the cowling and locked the blade up. Also make sure your blade and clutch are not engaged on start up.

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guess it worked

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maybe so +

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Check the gas is full.

Check the oil level: If it's too low, fill it to the full mark. If it is over the full mark, it will saturate your spark plug and it won't start (remove some of the oil to the full mark and take out the spark plug and clean it).

Check the air cleaner and ensure it is clean and not plugged up. Also ensure the spark plug wire is seated tight, and finally, replace the spark plug if it still won't start.

These are easy, cheap fixes.

Dave N.

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May have a stuck float in the carb or clogged fuel jet.

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