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Washer goes automatically to second wash/spin cycle after 1st cycle

The washer (Series 80 Model 110.26842692) is set on the selection for single wash/rinse/spin cycle. After completing the wash/spin cycle, the dial for the wash/rinse/spin continues to rotate, by passing the off selection on the dial. The dial then continues to move to engage a second rinse cycle, then spins for what seems a longer than usual time before turning off. Any suggestions as to what the problem is?? Thanks!

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Very unusual problem, Try unplugging it for five minutes to allow it to reset and let us know your results.

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I tried your suggestion of unplugging the washer to allow it to reset, the washer worked fine for the first two loads, but skipped to the second rinse cycle on the third load. Still wondering if a new timer would resolve the problem.

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Sounds like you are correct and it's time to replace the timer.

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