Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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DS charge port bad

DS power port works intermittently, only when jiggled, but not long enough to charge How do I repair?

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Have you tried a different cable? That's the most common cause of this. Jiggling will cause intermittent contact of the wires inside.

If that's not it, the next thing to do is get a good flashlight or bring it outside in bright daylight and look inside the port. Sometimes stuff gets stuck up in the port that prevents the cable from seating all the way. Taking something thin you can pick it out and that may fix your problem. I use dental pics for this, but you may try toothpicks or if you have an iPhone the sim card ejector works a charm.

This inspection may also show that the plastic piece that the pins sit on is broken, or that the pins are broken. This image shows what it should look like:

If the pins or plastic piece in the centre are broken the port needs to be replaced. This requires some soldering tools and skill and a port which you can get from a number of other places online (ifixit doesn't list it). Then follow this guide to get the motherboard out:

Nintendo 3DS Motherboard Replacement

The last pictures shows the board. At the top just to the left of the game slot is the charge port.

If upon inspection the pins look OK then you might just need to disassemble the 3ds and resolder the connectors for the charge port. You could use hot air or a soldering iron. Have a small metal or wood object (bamboo skewers for cooking work well and are cheap) that you can use to hold the pins down until they cool after you heat them up to melt the solder, as most likely the pins have lifted and are going to want to bend up away from the board.

Hope that helps!

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