The late 2005 Power Mac G5 was introduced in October, and discontinued in August the next year. There were three configuration options, one dual core processor at 2.0 GHz, one dual core at 2.3 GHz with model number A1177, and one dual core dual processor (quad core) at 2.5 GHz.

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Boot up with Leapard but installation failed in any hardrive

I boot up my Mac G5 Desktop 2.3 Dual Core with leapard ok but intalled always failed, it doesn't matter what hardrive i used. I changed serveral hardrive even their own apple brand. One more thing, if it doe work. Does this type of mac accept new hardrive with 2 tpb?



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where did the disk come from and what color is it? Is it Snow Leopard?

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Start up from the original system installation disk and run the Apple Hardware Diagnostics (ADS). Or use TechTools Pro to run diagnostics.

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