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Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 Android 스마트폰. 2013년 5월 발표.

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Cost to buy New Samsung I8262 motherboard IC? Where can I buy?

My cellphone is not producing enough brightness, so I can not use my cellphone while outside in the sun...service center has suggested to replace the motherboard IC as it is water damaged...

''Can anybody help me in knowing price to buy a new motherboard IC for Samsung I8262...also let me know from where I can buy it...''


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there is like a hundred IC's in phones, which one?

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how come hundred IC's in a phone??????

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الهاتف لا يشتغل كانهو جثا همد

Google Translation

The phone does not work Kanho knelt subside

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Which phone carrier is your Samsung Core Prime for?

You can purchase a complete logic board, which controls the LCD, but it needs to match your carrier.

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아이폰 배터리 수리 키트

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아이폰 배터리 수리 키트

Only $29.99

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hi sir check with maybe you will get ic

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