Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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Home button not working


I recently replaced a iPad mini 3 Digitizer. I swapped the Home Button over to the new Digitizer. I had it all put together and tested and everything worked. However after sitting for a day the home button quit working. It won't detect my finger and it won't work when I push it. When I power on the iPad it acts weird. The Power button doesn't really work unless I hold it down for 5 seconds. The digitizer works great just the home button doesn't work anymore.

Help please.


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After further review I realize now that the volume buttons don't work either. I've checked the silent button and that works.


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Double check that you have pushed the home button connector down fully onto the motherboard and that the metal plate that sits over the connector is secure. I've had cables "pop off" during re-assembly or shortly after re-assembly if they weren't securely connected!

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