The Canon AE-1 is a 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera for use with interchangeable lenses.

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film is not exposing

Have the same problem, film is not exposing apparently even though it should be exposing as the shutter and the curtain are opening in Bulb mode -.-

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You may want to check the rest of the camera functions if you are sure the film advanced but still don't get any pictures.

The AE-1 is an aperture priority design camera so you select the shutter speed and the camera automatically adjusts the aperture.

Sometimes the aperture control system fails to work correctly either because the lenses iris (aperture) fails to close as its gummed up or the magnet the stops the iris at the correct setting failed causing it to fully close.

Looking though the camera with the door open manually, using the Bulb setting, set the aperture to the smaller F stop (i.e. 22) see if the iris closes and opens as you adjust it. If it can't close or is slow to close you'll need to get the lens serviced as the iris blades have gotten oiled up.

The other test here is to setup a flash light aimed at you in a darkened room. You'll need to have a quick eye as you want to look though the back again and using a slower shutter speed 15th of a sec. try to get an exposure where the lens needs to close the iris just slightly. Now look though the back as you fire the camera you should be able to see the iris staying open if it shuts down fully the aperture control system is failing to stop the iris from closing.

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So could that actually be the problem? My fixed 50mm doesn't close the aperture blades at all at least not while it's on the camera (closes them automatically when I take it off). On my 35-70mm I can do what you described, that is change the aperture and watch the blades close while in bulb mode.

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OK, did you thread the film leader across the sprocket drive and then into one of the catch tab's in the take-up spool?

Once you get it caught, fire off one shot and slowly wind the film advance lever 1/2 way making sure the film stays caught on the take-up.

Then close the cover, wind the rewind now clockwise carefully taking up some of the slack (don't go to far here just a little is needed.

Then finish winding the the lever and fire off a few shots to advance to the first non-exposed part of the film as you do the rewind know should turn counter clockwise as you are pulling the film out of the cassette.

Thats your clue you got it caught.

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That might actually be the problem, the first roll of film didn't rewind and I was able to shoot way past 36. Apparently it snapped of the end of the canister where it's taped to the canister itself.

The second roll I was able to rewind without having any problems thankfully.

Just didn't want to load a roll of new Ilford and waste like 8$ on the film.

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