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How do I fix my Beach Cruiser's kickstand?

My beach cruiser has a loose kickstand and I'm not sure what tool to use to tighten it. It seems like a quick fix. What tool(s) should I use?

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Yes, this should be a quick fix. It comes down to the type of kickstand you have and the type of bolt it uses to attach to your bike.

Most clamp-on style kickstands look something like this. Follow this procedure:

  1. Sandwich your bicycle's chainstays between the top plate and the bottom plate (which is attached to the kickstand).
  2. Feed the bolt down through the holes in the top plate and the bottom plate. The bolt is typically a 14 mm hex head type.
  3. Tighten the bolt using a 14 mm socket wrench (if you don't have one, an adjustable wrench should work just fine).
  4. Be careful not to overtighten; you don't want to damage your bike frame by crushing the chainstays.

Some bicycles have a built-in kickstand plate. (Look for a flat piece of metal welded between the chainstays down near the bottom bracket shell, right behind where the cranks attach to your bicycle frame). Bikes with a built-in kickstand plate don't need the clamp-style kickstand shown above. Instead, you will need a kickstand that looks something like this.

These kickstands typically attach using a shorter allen head bolt. So you'll need an allen wrench (usually 8 mm, but could be 10 mm or even 14 mm) to attach this style kickstand to your bike's existing kickstand plate.

Hope this helps!

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