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Recovering All from a Phone with Broken LCD = Black Screen

My husband tried to replace my cracked screen and now my phone screen is completely black. Phone powers on and I hear sounds but screen is black.

I purchased a used phone also a Galaxy Note 2. My question is ...

is there a way to recover all my files and app purchases etc. From my broken phone. I bought the same phone hoping there was a way to swap out maybe the motherboard so I would have my old phone components and programs again.

Is it best to swap out the entire lcd/screen to my old phone or swap out motherboard of old phone to new phone? Or will I never be able to recover my stuff??

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tinatmloyd, if you swap the motherboard out, you will lose all your files. All of your file are stored on IC's on your motherboard. So that is not an option. I would take another look at the LCD repair. Possibly a bad LCD or not properly connected. Check to see if your computer recognizes your phone when you connect it.

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