Apple iPhone 5c는 2013년 9월 10일에 발표되었습니다. 수리는 이전 모델과 유사하며 스크류 드라이버 및 비집는 도구가 필요합니다. GSM 또는 CDMA / 8, 16, 32GB / 흰색, 분홍색, 노란색, 파란색 및 녹색으로 제공하였습니다.

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What is inside the iPhone 5c

well i want to buy a full housing from ebay so i can make an iphone but it does not come with everything . what are all the parts

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It's relatively simple to move all the parts over if you take time and have patience, there are sellers who sell housings with all the parts preassembled, although they do cost a bit more, but does save a lot of time!

Parts that are in the 5C that would need to be transferred usually besides the logic board of course:

- charging dock

- bottom speaker

- battery

- lock button/volume/vibrator/flash flex cable

- back camera

- wifi antenna flex

- vibrating motor

Some housings also require a few extra things, these tend to be with the very cheap housings:

- back camera lens

- back flash diffuser (next to camera lens)

- side metal clips (these hold the LCD in, so are important)

Don't think I have missed anything out, if you need any other info, let me know! :)

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