3 MB 공유 L3 캐시 1.7 듀얼-코어 Intel 프로세서 (Turbo Boost 최대 2.6 GHz).

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OS boot failure after spill


we had some liquid (cranberry juice I was told later) spilled on my daughter's MacBook Air and we did our best to clean it up as quickly as possible without disassembling the machine. The device worked fine for about one month and then it popped up with the "question mark folder" and will not boot at all now. We have done a recovery boot and the system does not show the storage device installed. I have removed the I/O board and found some residue on it that I cleaned as well as inspecting the other components. Is there anything else out there that I'm not doing that I can try before I try to decide which component need replacing?

Thank you.

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When it comes to liquid contact, the most important thing is to cut power as soon as possible. The longer the device has electricity running through it, the higher chance of a short circuit and the more damage will be done. First, shut the laptop down and unplug it immediately. Using this guide, disassemble the device and remove the logic board and other major components. Wipe them down/immerse them with 90%+ isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Let them sit out in front of a fan for 48 hours, or longer if they need more time to dry. Once you are certain that they are thoroughly dry, reassemble the device and try to turn it on. Then, let us know the results when you are at this point and we can troubleshoot any possible part failures and what can be done in terms of repair.

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I have disassembled the laptop and I am satisfied that what liquid there was has dried. What residue I could see I cleaned. I reassembled the laptop and powered it back up with no joy. The same result. Any suggestions on how to test the components to see where the problem is? Thank you.

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In these types of cases the logic board could still face further damage down the line from corrosion. At the very least, I recommend you immerse the logic board in isopropyl alcohol for 24-48 hours, as it is the most expensive part to replace and the one that we do not want to fail. You said disk utility was unable to locate the hard drive? Check the hard drive cable leads and the terminal for residue and wipe them down with Isopropyl alcohol. Do all of the keyboard keys seem to be working?

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Robert, let's try to think before giving answers. What hard drive cable? It has an SSD card.

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Oh yes, thank you, my apologies, I misread this to be the older version of the Pro. In this case, it would be to check the SSD socket for residue using this guide

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