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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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water level switch on model# 110-28332700 wont turn struck on small

my Kenmore washer, model #11028332700, water level switch wont turn. can wash small loads only.


I don't understand...because I cant move the knob on the water pressure switch, from one load size to another, I have to change the whole switch? I am getting the correct amount of water for the small load, I just cant move the knob to another load size.

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Water level switch (Water Level Pressure Switch)

Part Number PS3408149 This part is located behind the control panel. It helps determine the level of water in the washer. As the water fills the hose, while tub is filling, it will push the air against a diaphragm inside the switch. More water that enters the tub, more pressure is applied against the switch.

Here's a video on how to change one:

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This would keep the knob from turning from a small load? My washer is the same way. At first it was just hard to switch from small load to medium etc. Now it’s just stuck on small load

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