The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are Samsung's flagship tablets that compete with iPads.

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Cracked screen possibly more?

Dropped my galaxy tab s 8.4 tablet pretty hard today. It landed on the corner or the table directly on the screen.

The glass cracked and when I try hit the home or power button to turn it on, one section of the screen flickers greens and it goes black again.

Anyone know if this means I broke the lcd under the glass as well? If I go to replace this do I need to by the front assembly?(found online for 200$, got the tabs for 300)

Any thoughts?

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Thanks a bunch. Will verify my model later and order. Anywhere in particular I should order from?

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Go with a place that has some decent after sales support. I've dealt with etradesupply and parts4repair before and both companies supplied good quality items. I shy away from Amazon and ebay even so you may find good suppliers there as well. Just a personal preference. Best of luck to you.

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OK last question. I know this is a random chance but. What do you think the chances are of there being more intetnal damage? Pretty high it's just the lcd and screen? Or is there a high chance the mobo or other internals could be mucked. I just would hate to buy the assembly and find I need more or its beyond repair and can't return the parts.

Also isn't that video just for the glass?

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Yes, but it'll get you to the LCD. There are no good guides out to show you how to get there. I have had many tablets that took some bad drops etc. Yes, there is always a chance that it is something a bit more than the display, but most likely not. The display takes the biggest hit. The way I'd proceed is by disassembling it first, check for damage then order the parts. That way I can order the parts I need for the repair. Hope that makes sense :-)

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Travis w, sure sounds like you need an LCD as well. Any time you have something like this "one section of the screen flickers greens" happening, the LCD took a hit too. The display assembly for the Galaxy Tab S is fused together. It is possible to separate the parts but definitely not easy. You will also need tools to separate, and more tools to fuse them together after. Best way is to replace the complete assembly, even so they are quite expensive. $180 USD and up would be about accurate

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Would you say it's worth it to do? The tablet is only a monthish old. If I get the assembly I assume it comes with the digitizer and all that and it's a simple re&re.

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I would definitely replace it. Yes, the assembly will be complete. not sure about "simple" but definitely doable. Check this video

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