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Brand Name: Bose Model: 331394-0010

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The left ear is not giving audio

My left ear cup suddenly didn't give sound anymore, however, if I push the cup to my ear, the pressure that builds up makes it work again, but only when there is pressure applied to the earcup, Anny suggestions as to how to fix it?

Bose QC25 on ear headphones

Update (02/10/2016)

My issue has been solved, the paper solution was temporary. I contacted them and they gave me a new pair right away :D

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You're not alone. I have had THREE Bose QC25's give out exactly as you describe (but in the right earcup) after having them replaced.

I know it's simple cord loose from the air pressure. Will I void my warranty if I strip back the blue felt covering?

There is definitely a manufacturing issue at play, air pressure from putting them on and off is making a cord loose somewhere in the ear pads.

join the club, I had the same problem in the same left side in my first pair, then I replaced it and now the second one has the same problem. I think its a manufacture defect. I researched this issue and found a lot of people who had the same issue. I am just really upset. this not a regular problem, this is a big manufacturer defect. very disappointed. Dhiaa

I have the same problem on the right side and my headphones are out of warranty right now so I cant get them replaced for free. Very disappointed with Bose. I got them because I thought they would be a one time investment but they hardly made a year.

Mine lasted just over a year...Bose offered me free shipping on a new pair. The QC15s are now selling for $215, though the QC25s are down to $230, but only in the Triple Black color. Maybe I'll wait for QC35s.

I bought a pair of QC25s March 2015 and had them replaced in September 2015 because the right hand side stopped working. The replacement pair has now broke (right hand side again!). I am 8 weeks out of warranty so I hope they can do something!

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Possibly this is a wire that has been snapped or disconnected under speaker membrane. Very bad design. I had the same problem (although on the right ear). If you remove the ear pad and the padding, you will see the membrane. No need for any tool to do this. Apply soft pressure with a non metallic non piercing tip on the upper portion and you should hear it play. I squeezed in a piece of paper to have the membrane apply pressure on the wire and bingo. I'm not sure though how long it will last. If it start failing again I will unscrew the piece and look for a more permanent fixture. If you search on Google, you will find a Youtube video (in Spanish with English subtitles) showing you how do it. The guy did it on QC15 earpiece but the same applies on QC25, the wire is just in a different location. Hope this help.

Block Image

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thx bro this is really helpful i thought its my cable !! do u know any permanent fix for this ?

You sir are a livesaver. I am going to call Bose for a replacement but wanted them for my flight tomorrow — this is a perfect temporary fix.

That worked! Your the man

That worked, cheers mate

It worked for me! I broke off a small piece of a wooden coffee stirrer and popped it in there. Pity this has happened to so many people

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Reda Bitar, either a bad driver or loose wiring. Check this guide to get to the driver. Let us know what you find.

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Saddly, the model shown in this guide has a different build from inside. I can't seem to get to the driver, even after removing all the screws.

Reda Bitar, how about posting a couple of pictures with your question so we can see what you have going on?

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Just called bose they said that qc25 that were made before mid 2015 have had trouble with one ear going out they have fixed the problem and are replacing yours free if it was made before mid 2015 call tech support

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I just talked to Bose, purchased my QC25 headset in Oct 2014, and they offered to extend the warranty and consequently will allow me to exchange for a new headset. I had extended warranty coverage on my VISA, but now I don't need to use it.

This is true, I had Bose honour four (!) warranty replacements with the QC25's. The last one hasn't given out in over 6 months (when they used to die within a month) which indicates to me that Bose has indeed fixed the problem.

Thank you for sharing this. I was going to buy a new pair because I bought mine over a year ago and thought the warranty has finished.

"before mid-2015"

How long do these stay on the shelves, I wonder. Mine - that I got in March 2015 - had this issue early this year, and I got a replacement. The new pair now have the issue too. Left ear again, exactly the same symptom. So unless they still had early 2015 models on the shelves in the shop in early 2016, the issue is arguably not fixed. Luckily I have a 2-year warranty on these.

I bought my QC25s in Oct 2014 and the right speaker is intermittent. Bose initially wanted me to pay £189 for a replacement as just out of the 2 year warranty but after reading these posts I called them back and told them that the product is clearly faulty and insisted and they just sent me a new pair of headphones for free! Their customer service should be better for such a high end brand, but in the end they did good. Come on Bose, you should treat your customers fairly without them having to argue with you!!!

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I will share what I have found.

After you disassemble your earcup, which ever side of malfunction, take a closer look into the plastic/vinyl cone.

There are two single copper wire going underneath the cone.

Block Image

They are about or little bit thinner than human hair.

It seems like those copper wire rusted over time.

I used to wearing my QC3 while I was working out.

So, sweat and other moisture might be soaked into the earcup and eventually affected the copper wires.

The problem is not soley upon the rust, but it will be broken as the cone bouncing up and down million times and it ages.

I truly believe that BOSE intends to make this as it is.

Only two single copper wires, thinner than a human hair, connects between the circuit board and the voice coil.

2 years of life cycle... confirmed.

After 1 year of manufacturer's warranty, it will blow out anytime soon.

All the warranty/replacement items will be opened and the two copper wires will be replaced.

They will be factory sealed back, having a new ear cups, and sold as "Factory Refurbished".

I am not talking about the quality of BOSE products. I love BOSE

However, they should pay little more attention on those little things.

If any executive of BOSE read this, think it again.

Customers love a reliable quality product.

They will purchase it again for their loved ones.

Don't make a customer to buy the same thing twice within 2 years, or to spend more $$ for unnecessary upgrade.

After the inspection, I ended up tearing off the vinyl cone.

Block Image

The copper wires were already broken before I tear off the cone.

The vinyl cone is somehow glue to the voice coil, so I broke the voice coil at the end.

Final word?

My QC3 left is gone, permanently.

I had been using this for 3 years, and stored it for another 3 years.

Now is the time to get a new gear once again.


Hope this ease your mind.

Don't try to fix it because this is made as the copper wires are supposed to break after a while.

Good luck.


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Take these to a Bose retail store. There is a good chance they will replace even if you are out of warranty. The sales rep looked up the serial number and some QC 25 models have been recalled. They gave me a brand new pair.

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Ok, here's a fix that we found on the internet. Check it out. We tried it and it works. I don't know if it will continue to work for a long time, but at least it works. The video is in Spanish with English subtitles. There is a good written explanation down in the string written by Chris Moler. We had to use two strips each doubled over of a business card for our solution.


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Update: while the fix did/does work, the sound quality and volume is not what it should be. I'll never purchase another Bose product. Sounds to me like we all have a basis for a class action lawsuit.

Just happened to me too. Right speaker just went out on QC 15 I have had for a couple years. If I push on it sound comes back a little.

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Took my three year old QC25s to Bose at the World Trade Centre and they tried to get me to pay $135 to get a new pair or QC35 series 1. I told them that it’s a known fault and I should get a replacement pair. They ended up giving me a refurbished pair for free!

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Mine too. Bose NC headphones are brittle. For the price one expects higher quality. Right ear has been intermittent and now it does not work at all. Took it to a technician “it would take 1 minute to fix but >an hour to open and reassemble the headphone. So it appears the BOSE headphones are not strong enough to withstand more than say 12 months of wear and tear. And are unnecessarily complicated to repair. For the price, this is sub-standard, low-quality. They are brittle and an expensive piece of equipment rendered useless because a single wire becomes loose.


Bose tech support simply switched me to a third country who offered to replace them for about a 20% discount. I’m switching to SONY.

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