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My phone was dropped it works but the screen is black!

I dropped my phone onto a tiled floor and now all i get is a black screen. It turns on and i can get calls and listen to music but the screen is black. HELP PLEASE !

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Unfortunately it sounds like the LCD itself is damaged, replacing the whole screen would solve this. :)

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having same problem but why does it sometimes work fine if it's burnt out? It's very annoying. If I flash a flash light right into the screen I can see everything else is working fine

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@dawhoda this could be a backlight issue instead of a screen issue, but you should rule out a faulty screen first.

If it’s a backlight issue, you would need someone who can microsolder to fix your backlight problem. :-)

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This happened to me and my phone wasn't dropped. I could just see screen faintly so went into settings and turned up brightness and it's fine. Hope this helps.

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Yeah this you can't even see at all unless you shine a bright flash light directly into screen at like an inch away from screen. My conclusion is the display panel is bad like couple people said. Thanks guys.

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