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Water damaged iPhone 5 been told it's none fixable however ...

Hello all, I have no knowledge about fixing iPhones after dropping it down the toilet and literally getting it out after a second the screen slowly started to disappear before I could turn it off. I did leave it in rice for a few days and then took it to some to fix it and he gave me some story about a chip needed changing and only Apple could do this however after googling various things I realised this "chip" may in fact be a lie so long story short I have replaced the battery and it's turned on but keeps making a charging noise constantly I know it's not the actual charger because it charges my iPad fine, I can't see anything on the screen at all its blank like its turned off. Do I need to replace the screen as well? Would this solve the problem? I believe the man said he did take it apart and did some "soldering" but I don't no exactly what he could of soldered.

Thanks for your time

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

So the best thing for me to do is take it all apart and give it a good clean and let it dry?

Would tdoing that make the screen work again or would I need a new one anyway?

The vibrate works and the sound for the charge works so I'm assuming they don't need replacing?

Sorry if I sound stupid I know nothing about this at all but I'm happy it's actually powering up considering I was told it wasn't fixable and to just put it on eBay.

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Hi Kaye,

First of all, your first mistake was putting it in rice, rice does absolutely nothing!

Secondly, the first thing the person who was 'fixing' it, should have cleaned the phone out using a ultrasonic cleaner, if he used just a toothbrush, then he is an amateur, as it is no where near effective to clean out corrosion that would have settled in.

If he is just soldering, as he says he is, then he has no clue, he didn't mention what chip he was replacing, therefore it is probably a lie, and in order to replace some of the chips on an iPhone, you need a fair bit of experience in micro soldering, as some of the chips are extremely tiny!

He may have cleaned it with a toothbrush and knocked off some chips, or he may just be a true amateur and done damage himself during disassembly.

There is no point replacing parts if the water damage is still there.

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A truly professional water damage repair that returns the phone to full working condition with no ill effects is labor intensive enough that it is worth more than the value of the phone.

So people have to cut corners to "fix" a wet phone. For example, all this business about brushing the board with alcohol is only treating about 10% of the board. The rest of the board--where the water gets trapped---is under some soldered on shields. You have to desolder them, and then treat the water damage. Most repair shops still don't do this--it is labor intensive and there is no guarantee that the phone will work even with treatment.

Your problem is most likely corrosion at the LCD connector. A new screen is a must, but you may also need professional microsoldering at the LCD connector on the board and/or backlight filters.


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Definitely agree with this, a lot of the corrosion would be under the shields, and they aren't as easy to remove like they were in the iPhone 4 etc.

Again, all liquid damage is different and unpredictable, and sometimes there is no point chasing the rabbit down a deep hole to try fix it.

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Hi, with water damage there is no Guarantee that it is repairable!

use 90% IPA to get rid or corrosion on the logic board and connections.

the charging port may need changing

battery and screen!

depends where the water has gotten to.

tons of good links here for parts and guides. let me know if you win!

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