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mac pro Mid 2010 Video not working through added HDMI port

I was given a mid 2010 macpro, this thing is maxed out with two solid state drive, 72gigs of ram, a bluray burner, plus a regular DVD burner. Also added are USB 3 and one HDMI output, it also has two DVI outputs. So I turn it on to install the OS, but I'm not getting any video I used the HDMI, I tried two different cables and neither works. Today I'm gonna try a DVI cable. So my question is this, do I need a driver for the HDMI cable to work? And if so will the DVI work, because they are on the same card from what I can tell. The USB 3 ports work cause the mouse I plug in is lit up. do I have to do something entirely different being the hard drives are blank. When I turned on the tower, I held down the control key to boot it. Maybe I'm over looking something, thanks in advance for everyone's help!

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I have to ask why it was given and were you told if it was working. First it probably does not have the stock video card, Please tell us what it is and also the last four figures of your serial number. When trying to diagnose a Mac Pro it is usually best to take it back to the original configuration, get it running and then start putting your additions one at a time. Pull all but the boot drive. Pull all added PCI cards.

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