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M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse. Released in 2010.

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How to clean the left and right buttons?

Logitech M570 buttons are sticking, double clicking, and/or unresponsive. I've blown in/on the buttons, it helps for a little bit. all the guides on cleaning this mouse is for the ball, that is easy to clean, its under the buttons I need cleaned.

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it would be nice to see a detailed cleaning / service post to the click mechanism. mine is unresponsive. i have a digital camera from the middle ages, however, the images are hit or miss as i have no control over the focus. there is a guide on youtube i believe, and another on instructables, but they don't show you how to service the mechanism, if it can even be serviced. i guess i'm going to find out by dissembling the unit one more time. i will attempt a photo shoot

I just disassembled the top (5 screws... one under the battery positioning sticker and 2 under the center front rubber foot and right side rubber foot) and put one drop of WD40 on each of the micro switches... don't spray it on the switches obviously. Spray a puddle on the bench and use a small screwdriver or similar to pick up some of the WD40. Place it on the button for the switch then depress the button allow the WD40 to enter the switch. Cycle the switch multiple times to work the WD40 into each switch. A nice solid click will return to the switches and all of the missed clicks or double clicks are gone.

Great job, Rob! I had the same problem (double click on the left button). Just 2 drops of WD40 and I got a new trackball! Considering that many people had to buy new trackballs, or change their switches, this is the best suggestion I found. Well done, thank you!

Great Lorenzo! I have not had another problem with my M570 since doing this back in 2018. Have a great new year!

Thank you! That solved my problem.

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The switches are notorious for failure and need to be replaced.

D2f-01f on ebay or on amazon

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Thanks. I was hoping it was just needing to be cleaned, I just don't know how to open the buttons so I can clean them, lol...


same switches, but I will warn you that replacing that bar can be very difficult.

I tried and couldn't so I just bought those switches. They feel a lot better than the Chinese ones that are on my other trackball. I ordered more to replace them on all of my M570 units.

My Logitech Marble mouse P/N T-CM14 had clicking issues. I used some contact spray on the microswitches, which helped a little. Then I put a thin piece of plastic, from an old overhead foil, under the microswitch, lifting it a little bit, but still seated firmly in its original clamps. For now this solved the issue. Hope it will work now for another 15+ years....

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I also had problems over time with the M570 left click. I finally found that the actuator surface of the left click where it contacts the microswitch has a shallow depression about 2.5 mm square right where it contacts the switch plunger. I placed a small piece of electrical tape (.0065"thick) in that depression and have not had a single dropped drag or double click problem since. jim4430

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Your solution helped me.

My M570 showed evidence of play in the plastic actuator hinge (more on the left-click than the other). The micro switch itself seemed to click fine when I pressed it with a finger tip.

Thanks and kudos!

Seems to have solved the issue for me, thanks.

Brilliant. This was exactly what I was looking for. It solved all of my left clicking issues with the M570.

Someone on another web site did extensive research and found that the problem was the switches were releasing too easily, so small movements of your hand while holding down the button resulted in an unintended release and repressing of the switch. The switch itself is fine. So the electrical tape easily solves the real problem.

Worked like a charm - maybe 20 minutes, tops, and no ordering microswitches from Amazon or Alibaba. . The YouTube video about replacing the microswitches was helpful for finding the hidden, fifth screw under the batter orientation sticker. I just cut out the center part of the sticker, leaving the plus (+) and minus (_) symbols so I'd remember which way the battery goes in.

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If you're trying to open up the mouse yourself, note there are (5?) screws at the bottom.

One is immediately visible. 3 are under the rubber feet, and one is hidden inside the battery compartment, covered by the sticker so you need to feel around for the depression to tell where it is. You'll have to poke a hole through the sticker to get to it.

Remove the ball before trying to lift the top cover out.

But I have to agree. This mouse has terrible switches. Everyone else I know who uses it has had the same trouble, with the buttons becoming less responsive/double clicking/etc.

Mine is pretty banged up from having to repeatedly open it up, opening up the microswitches with a sewing needle and spraying contact cleaner (the kind car mechanics use) on the inside. It works but the effect usually only lasts for about 1 or 2 months before I have to do it again.

I'm from a different country so buying stuff from US ebay isn't an option for me. :( I wish I could just replace the switches with nice, durable ones.

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What country are you in because you can order D2F-01F from almost anywhere. Try alibaba and you might be able to get it from there.

United States, in Washington.

Thanks, @amynoacid. Alibaba's not a thing here (Philippines), but I think I do know someone who orders stuff from there regularly.

If I got the replacement parts, I assume I'd need soldering equipment (and expertise) to replace the switches?

@ redblackdragon1: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing...

@john yes, you need a soldering iron, desoldering braids, and solder. There are many videos on youtube on this so it shouldn't be too difficult. If you have never soldered before then I'd take it to an expert. You can easily rip off a through-hole pad or a lan connecting to it.

Just wanted to check in. I recently found a video on YouTube on how to replace the microswitches, and with what model.


In case you also only want to clean it, the instructions in the video still apply, up to the part where you remove the solders of the microswitches. Instead of doing that, just open the microswitches and spray contact cleaner on the insides.

That said, and as you will read in the comments, it's not a permanent fix.

And it also looks like the newer runs Logitech is making is now using Omron Japan microswitches which seem to be faring better in terms of durability.

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Just have to add the WD-40 made it like new. I did not take it apart. I did the lazy method of turning it off, turning upside down, spraying around the inside edges, letting it dry out and BAM like new. Really works well. I cleaned the outside with hand sanitizer to get rid of the excess.

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You can order similar switches here: http://www.digikey.ca/product-search/en?...

If you call to place an order and pay by cheque, shipping is free. These switches are the better ones, and by buying from DigiKey you make sure they aren't Chinese knock offs that will fail again soon.

I'm told they're also harder than the original ones, for a much more satisfying click feeling; and will not release the click until fully depressed as opposed to the original ones.

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For those of you have replaced the switches, did that resolve the problem? Has the problem re-occurred since you replaced the switches? If so, how long did the fix last?

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depuis quelques jours j'ai un soucis, lorsque j'utilise le clic droit ou le clic gauche (et uniquement l'un des 2), l'ordinateur le voit comme si j'avais cliqué en même temps sur le clic droit et gauche (autrement dit j'ai le menu contextuel qui s'ouvre et l'item sous ma souris sélectionné). des idées?

En vous souhaitant une bonne journée

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If you’re having problems with click bounce and a regular contact cleaner isn’t working you could try an oil for electric model train motor commutators: Peco Electrics Power-Lube PL-64 - I picked up a little in a model shop but you can buy it online in the UK for around £6 to £7 for a couple of mL - the key bounce problems have largely disappeared after one or two applications both for my M570s and for an older cordless trackman wheel that I had given up on. If you have one of these it is worth noting that they will run perfectly well on NiMH rechargeable cells whereas the M570 will not. The latter may win out on simple battery life but on the environmental side: using a rechargeable cell should be better in the longer term especially as the grid gets a higher proportion of renewables in service.

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I read all the comments above, including those regarding the electrical tape fix, and decided to replace the switches with the Omron switches mentioned. The difference in performance is quite stark, with the new switches giving much better feedback and a more solid switching action and feel. The switch replacement, in my opinion, is well worth the couple of £/$ spent on the switches if you have the ability and tools to replace them.

I ordered the switches from CPC: https://cpc.farnell.com/omron/d2f-01/mic...

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