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So, Why is my iPhone 5C not turning on?

okay, so i have been in Ifixit quite a few times and i have had broken screens both times for my Iphone 5c. The last time i have went in they told me they couldn't fix it after they have repaired my screens and things, my iphone wont turn on, can you tell me what i should do ... what you can do ? ..

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is this your battery working(

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Im not sure if it is or not, it just wont turn on. I've tried everything

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does it not turn on or is it just no display?

try plugging it in to itunes, and see if your computer will pick it up.

also does the cable go all the way in the charging port?

when you plug the cable in to charge you shouldnt see any silver parts.

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I tried all of that, nothing is working. it just wont turn on, it used to Vibrate when i plugged it in, but it doesn't do anything anymore. my computer didn't pick it up, and i made sure my charger was in all the way i left it on charge for about 30 /45 minutes .. and still nothing happened. what do you think it is ?

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Take to repair place and have them open the iPhone and simply disconnect the battery for a minute, then reconnect it. After this you may need to charge the iPhone. See if this helps. If not you may need a new front screen.

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Is it going to cost me money to take it in and have them open it up and disconnect it ? and i might try this tomorrow . thank you.

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