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Is it possible to

hi, i have a 21.5" imac 2012 is it possible to use the power and data cable from that for the 5k iMac as mine didn't come with that cable and I'm not using the one in my 2012 model thanks?

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The part is different. Why don't you use the correct parts here. IFIXIT has it as well as others.

21.5" - 2.5" HD

  • SATA Cable P/N: 923-0283
  • Power Cable P/N: 923-0282

27" - 3.5" HD

  • HD & Power Cable Assembly: 923-0312

Both cable sets are for the Late 2012 models. As far as I know the newer 5K Retina model uses the same cable. Which you can see here: 27" 5K Retina 3.5" drive Vs the 21.5" 2.5" drive.

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not really what i asked so by the answer you've not tried this instead you want me to buy another part when mine could work? you say its different but have you actually pulled a cable from a 21" iMac and tried yourself? i guess theres only one way to find out

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The part numbers are different and just by looking it doesn't look the same. True I haven't tried putting in the wrong part in, as I don't try force fitting things. Why don't you return it and get the correct part?

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