Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Can the USB ports be disconnected?

My Xbox one doesn't seem to be detecting the USB ports when press the Bind and Eject buttons simultaneously and then the power button (while holding the previous two).Is there a physical connection which could have been unplugged in the Xbox if it had been taken apart?

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Have you ever heard of anyone attempting an OSUDT update and not hearing any chimes? From what I've read, when you press bind eject (holding them down), and then press the power button, you should hear two chimes after about 10-15 seconds if you were successful in getting the machine to check the USB port for an update, or one chime if it failed. I get nothing at all. The screen just sits there totally black as long as I hold the keys. Once I let go, the xbox boots to the green screen and stays there.

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Most of the time these ports are soldered directly to the board. Sometimes you may have a break out board for other ports but usually its all single board.

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