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Cant get past apple logo without shutting down

All of a sudden on my iphone, i noticed that it would just get a blue screen and turn off. I was able to turn it back on again, but then it kept doing it. But over the past few days, it's got so bad that when i turn it on, it shows the apple logo with the white background for about 3 seconds, and then turns off again without actually booting up fully. When i plug it into iTunes, it says theres a problem that means it needs to be restored, so i go ahead and click restore and then it says error.

Tried a new battery, not tried a new charging port, any suggestions would be appreciated. I repair iphones for a living so am not a stranger to the whole thing, but have to say i've never seen this before.


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Have you replaced the screen on this phone?

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Nope, still using the original screen

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Any drop damage or water damage?

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Try replacing or removing the front camera assembly.

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