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Should the shield of the A7 CPU be removed to?

Hello Jessa, i have an water damaged 5S logic board. Should the shield of the A7 CPU be removed to? I've heard that that cpu is using les then 1,5 volt + the water dind't came there. Thanks anyways!

And how do i remove those shields without an hot air station or an hot air gun?

I got some heat resistance aluminum tape and a torch lighter. Can i remove it with this if i do it carefully and if i mask the connectors and expossed parts of with some aluminum tape?

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Component shield on iPhone 5S logic board is not just a cap as if they are placed in iPhone 4 or 4S. Being said so, for iPhone 5S, you can remove them with a shouldering iron or a heat-gun. You can also remove them with EXTREME PRECAUTIONS by using X-Acto Blades. Some of the types of these blades are quite affordable.

If you cutout any of the components or pulled off some during the process, it's gone. But, there is a chance that you can open the caps up without damaging anything and be able to clean the corrosion of the logic board. Hope it helps. And good luck!

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