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1.6, 1.8, 또는 2 GHz G5 프로세서

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Power + Chime, no display. Caps are very clean. What else?

the Logic board has LED's 1 and 2 on. The power supply was recently replaced by Apple. The Mac powers on, chimes, but does not get a display.

Looked at the board - the caps look perfect. Could they still be causing a loss of display, or could it be something else. Is is still worth it to try and replace the caps even though they look fine? How could I test them to verify before I tear it apart?



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The lack of light number three means video problems. I am including a link to Apples troubleshooting guide for your computer. Good luck. Ralph

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Two possibilities in my opinion. First the video card may have a problem and second LCD inverter LCD itself may be bad. I rarely see video problems in these white iMac computer. Good luck. Thanks.

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