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How can I adapt the rca cable terminal in a usb cable

I want to adapt my Marantz turntable in a USB turntable. How can I modifie The OUT cable with 2 old connectors in a USB or fire wire cable. If I can do this I think I'll be able to connect it to my Mac Book Pro with LogicPro X software or proTools. Is it possible. I know that USB turntables exist. But I already have an excellent turntable. Why increase planet electronic pollution


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mtrio, all you would really need is an RCA to USB adapter, something like this

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I'll get that cable. I understand that I'll need also 2 little female jacks to connect the cable coming out of my turntable and then connect to the USB cable male terminals.

I will try that and come back for the results.

Thank you

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mtrio, there are adapters for male to female ends. that might work better than additional cables. Let us know how it works out.

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It works very well. But I made some changes to the original question. Finally I simply plug directly my turntable cable IN my old pioneer pre amp at phono 1. Then I plug a RCA cable from pre amp OUT to my digidesign mBox (which is able to convert anagogic signal in numeric signal) IN line jacks (with trs 1/4 terminals.) I use software Digidesign proTool 10 for the stereo recording. When recording is finish. I can convert in any format available in my software like CD mp3 waves etc... Working only with a cable RCA to USB is not sufficient for a good recording quality.

Thanks and good luck everybody

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