Can't surf Internet while I'm connected

My computer is old. I'm connected to internet, but I can't go any further with searching, can't sign in to yahoo, nothing. Says cannot display this page. I can get to the home pages but that's it. I messed with settings but I don't know what I'm doing

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The best and easiest thing to do would be to backup all of your data, such as pictures and documents and reformat computer to factory state. This will reinstall all appropriate drivers and updates whilst eliminating all software related issues. You can also take it to reputable repair company and ask them to give you a quote for a repair. If it's not hardware related, should be fairly easy to repair.

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Hey Joanna,

Try following the steps here Change TCP/IP Settings incase you made changes that messed up your Network Adapter configuration. Also typically you're fine leaving the DNS part to automatic but you can always try changing them to use Google's DNS which are and

Good luck!

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Thank you. Can u tell me how to do these things. ? Sounds nutz! I'm not good with computers:( you are very kind to help!! Thank you

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hi Joanna,

Did you already tried this ? :

it explains how to renew and release your IP.

good luck,


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