Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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How important is front panel assembly CABLE BRACKET?

Hi everyone.

A few months back, I had my IPhone 6 screen replaced and had to have the replacement screen replaced a week later because of a burn-in issue. After the second replacement I had immediate problems with my microphones not working. Siri can't hear me and my speakerphone doesn't work...

Last week I shattered my screen... again. Took it to new repair guy and when I went to pick it up he asked me if they'd been the one to do the first repair, cuz he was very unhappy to find my cover bracket and 5 screws were missing once he opened up my phone.

So now my question is how important that cover bracket is??! Siri and speakerphone still not working. Could it be the missing metal bracket is responsible or plays a role?

Thanks in advance.


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Siri microphone & the earpiece speaker is all part of that top flex cable. Not sure which metal bracket you are referring to but if you're talking about the large one that sits behind the LCD, that missing would have nothing to do with the Siri mic & earpiece speaker not working. Sounds like you need to have that top flex cable replaced. The place you took it to the last time should of offered to replace that for you. I would suggest finding a good reputable service center in your area to take the phone to.

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Thanks, TechyGirl. I'm talking about the metal cover plate that you need to remove to access the flex cable connections.

Anyway, I knew it was a longshot. Just thought I'd ask.

The new repair guy comes well recommended and did offer to replace the flex cable you mentioned. I'm a bit limited in where I can take the phone to, living in a small Canadian town. I usually tackle these repairs myself, and planned to with the flex cable until I shattered my phone... again, and needed a new screen ASAP. The discovery of the missing plate and screws was news to me. Just thought I'd investigate further.

Thanks again for the help. I love this forum.

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I have changed my iphone 6 plus display but the touch is not working fine.I have shown to mobile mechanic he told me that there is no front panel assembly cable bracket. A metal plate which is upon the LCD connector.

Plzz help me with the solution.

It is important to have that metal plate

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Yes it is very important to have front panel bracket ( metal plate) it os most important to give your phone display and cellular network would not be proper . Do u have problem in dispaly after that or not?

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