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듀얼 마이크와 802.11ac Wi-Fi 연결 기능을 갖춘 Apple MacBook Air 중 더 작은 노트북.

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How To Resolder The Right Speaker to the Logic Board

Hello iFixit Members,

I ended up taking off the little connector on the logic board that seats the right speaker it was so delicate that it just ripped off. How can I resolder the cables from the speaker to the logic board. Its either the top two close together solder points or the spaced out bottom two. Please and Thank You

Here is an image on the area that i am referring to.

Block Image

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Richie, if your solder pads are still okay, you will have to do some microsoldering. Best done with a good soldering station, a microscope and a new connector. The other thing I had to do before is to solder the wires right onto the board. As you can see it's a PITA to do because of the size and will require plenty of practice.

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The Solder pads looks good on the board. What new connector would i need and where can i get a small soldering tool for micro soldering. I am not the best at soldering lol but am I stripping the speaker 2 wires and soldering them on the board or am I buying a new connector that was broken off to make it easier?

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Just checked a couple of schematics and it looks like Apple use a Molex 78171-0002 for most of the speaker connectors. So check ebay etc. something like this will fit. easier will be to solder the wires to the board ;-) Of course to "properly" repair it, you should replace the connector. As for buying a right tool, that may just cost more than the board. Look for a soldering pencil like a Weller WM120 or send it off to get it soldered:-)

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