Does anyone know how to replace a faulty one. Samsung Ue46es7000 wirel

I have the above television and the wireless functionality has just stopped? The television can't find any wireless signal! I can buy the part W1DT20r but have never done a TV repair before!

I have replaced a hard drive in an iMac before though!

Any help would be gratefully received!

Many thanks

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Ivan, have you checked to make sure that your wireless network is working? You have checked the settings on your TV? Have you tried to see if you can connect through a wired connection? Have you setup your wireless connection properly (according to TV manual)

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Hi. I just removed my wireless card from my samsung 55inch. Is is not the hard. In my case after i removed the back panel, i also had to removed the bottom panel because that is where my wireless card was located. It is way easier than the imac.

FYI. my wireless card was causing my tv to restart on its own.

Where can you by the replacement card?

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