A Windows 8 laptop series by Acer with Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU.

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acer v5-552p Computer keeps freezing up

My computer is about 1-2 years old and freezes randomly after start up. Sometimes it locks up and sometimes it doesn't. I also have issues with the wireless. Not sure if the two are related. I have even restored my computer to factory settings. Didn't work.

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What kind of freezing? would the screen be stuck that kind of freeze or black screen or blue screen?

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cursor freezes, keyboard. I have to power it manually power it down and restart it. sometimes it happens over and over. other times I can be on it and never experience a problem.

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Hey, sorry for the delay. Looks to me you maybe experiencing a hard drive failure. Is your hard drive full? You may also want to try running a memory test to see if your Rams are functioning properly. You did mentioned that your computer was restored to factory, I assumed that it was formatted and reinstalled with a fresh copy of windows?

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