128 GB SSD not working in pod classic 5th gen 30 GB

Hello everybody,

I have the following iPod problem. I bought a 128GB SSD from Zheino (see here on eBay) for my iPod Classic 5 30GB (Model A1136). After installing and connecting to iTunes and resetting the iPod via iTunes, the software was installed on the iPod. After installing the software everything seemed ok. The Apple logo appears on the iPod and a green progress bar appears underneath the Apple logo. The progress bar moves unti it is 100% filled. However, then the same thing happens again (the apple Logo & the expanding progress bar). This repeats endlessly, the iPod is somehow in a continuous-boot state as long as it is attached to iTunes.The iPod itself is no longer shown within iTunes and it is not visible as an external hard drive (on a Windows computer). When I detach the ipod from the computer it shows a grey connector symbol and is not doing anything at all.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Many thanks.


P.S .: I recently put the above mentioned Zheino SSD in an iPod Classic 5 with 60 GB and the SSD is working properly. The only problem with this iPod with 60 GB is that it is in a very bad condition (display, headphone jack, battery) and I can't use this 60 GB ipod because of this bad condition.

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