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Galaxy S5 Mother board AT&T vs Tmobile

I need to replace the mother board on a locked out Galaxy S5 so I can activate it with T mobile (giving the phone a new ein/mei # ) I want to know where I can get a new mother board for T-Mobile or if I can use the AT&T MB and activate with T-Mobile?

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You can use an att board but you would have to unlock it. I'd say eBay would be your best bet. Make sure to read the full descriptions so you don't get a bad logic board.

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Thank you Israel... I am new to the does one "unlock" the motherboard?

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You can buy an unlocked motherboard. You can unlock a motherboard with different services online. Basically you will have to send the IMEI of the new board and they will send you a code if it is a samsung device. You type this code in and voila unlocked phone for any gsm carrier!

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Again, thank you very much....You have been very helpful and I appreciate it

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Glad I was able to help! :)

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