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Compatible SSD´s Switching possible?

I have an iMac 3.5 i7 Hasswell and I want to upgrade to the new 4.0 i7 Hasswell.

Are the internal e-sata Flash-drives the same? Can I switch them?

And can I ad an additional 1TB SSD to the computer?

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If your system is working presently I would just recommend you connect your new system back to back to your current system via a Thunderbolt cable. Then put your old system into Target Mode. That way its seen by your new system as an external drive. During the new system setup it will ask you if you want to transfer your Apps & data from anther system this is were you'll say yes! And through the magic of the installer it will transfer EVERYTHING over to your new system.

I strongly don't recommend you attempt to open these systems just to swap out the SSD's as they first not easy to open and the SSD's are located very deep inside so you'll need to completely take them apart. This is to risky a job to even attempt when there is a much easier way.

As to adding a 1TB SSD. As you didn't give us the full specs of the model you are planning on getting it may not be possible or offer enough performance Vs doing it externally via Thunderbolt.

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