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Cannot find disk at startup


When I start up my PowerMac desktop running 10.5.8, I get the spinning icon at the initial gray screen, and it sits there forever, unable to locate/recognize the startup disk (which is one of two disks in a partition). The workaround I've been using is to pop in my Disk Warrior CD, allow that to start up (until it recognizes the drives), then to quit and restart while holding down the mouse key. Any suggestions on how to bring this back to normal, like it was about a month ago?

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Go to system preferences and select startup. Make sure the disk you wish to boot from is selected. Ralph

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+ agreed

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I'm familiar with the startup disk preference.

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Have you tried starting it wih the "alt" key pressed? It gives you a choich of bootable volumes.

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what's the alt key on a mac? The option key? Sorry, I don't speak PC.

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